“Wednesday, April 6. Yesterday the sun was warm enough to melt the snow on top of the house, and I put my eiderdown pillows out for airing. To-day has been so lovely that the women took their sewing on top of the house, where they also took their babies, stripped them, and placed them on a deer-skin, allowing the sun to beat upon them. The little ones crowed and seemed to enjoy it hugely. I thawed, scrubbed, cut up, and tried out twenty-five pounds of bacon, getting twelve pounds of clear fat; I also cut up and tried out four pounds of toodnoo (venison tallow), which gave me two and a half pounds of grease. This is to be utilized in the lunches for the advance party. It took me about eight hours to do all this.”

 –  Mrs. Josephine Diebitsch-Peary, 1894


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