“They dragged the boats upon a narrow shelf of ice, and found themselves within a cave which myriads of eider had made their breeding ground. They remained three days in this crystal retreat and gathered three thousand eggs. On the eleventh of June, they doubled Cape Dudley Digges, and spent a week at Providence Halt, luxuriating on a dish composed of birds sweeter and juicier than canvas-backs, and a salad made of raw eggs and cochlearia … before starting, provision bags were made of sail-cloth rendered impervious by coats of tar. Into these the bread was pressed by beating it to powder with a capstan-bar; and the tallow and pink fat were melted down and poured into other bags to freeze.”
R.M. Devens, 1876

Tallow Eider Quarterly showcases the most innovative art and writing available. This is not a venue for vampire stories, break-up poems, nature meditations or poetry about poetry.

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