Taking a Break

The difficult, exciting circumstances in which TEQ was initially conceived could not be sustained for long, and a large part of that has to do with access to resources. The monetary responsibility, either in the form or cash or time, could not go on forever. We spent many hours exploring avenues to reach philanthropy or grants, but those opportunities always seem to be created for already established publications in mind.

For non-profit status, we did not have the money or time to train ourselves on how to navigate the confusing bureaucracy and forms needed to alleviate our financial upkeep for the magazine in any way. Considering our innate disdain for money and our contention that good literature should be made available free of charge to the public (while overhead costs should be tax deductible or at least buffered by some form of government program to expand access to new literature in the public domain.), we could not justify pursuing monetary assistance anyway.

It is challenging to work full time at a warehouse in a very expensive city and maintain an online literary magazine. Working at or below the federally mandated minimum wage, this task becomes secondary to survival.

For those who have submitted and continue to submit to TEQ, I cannot promise anything in regards to your current submission. We may pick back up where we left off in time. Thank you all for your ongoing interest in Tallow Eider Quarterly.